Why'd She

April 7, 2017
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Why won’t she talk to me anymore?
      Does she know I still love her?
      Does she know she’s important?
Why doesn’t she respond?
      Does she get my texts and calls?
      Does she try to ignore me?
Why did she yell so much?
      Did she do it on purpose?
      Did she know what it did to me?
Why did she pick him over me?
      Did she not remember who I am?
      Did she forget I am her daughter?
Why did she kick me out?
      Does she know I didn’t want to leave?
      Does she know I want her back?
Why doesn’t she love me?
      Does she know I noticed she was gone?
      Does she know I tried to get her to love me?
Why did she do this to me?
      What did I do to deserve this?
        What did I do wrong?

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