How To Give Yourself A Nightmare

April 7, 2017
By , Hartland, WI


Three scary movies Relating to a fear of yours
Go with a friend to an abandoned location supposedly haunted
Lock yourself somewhere dark and quiet
Listen to the tiniest sounds

Research up a haunted house within your area or relate back to when you were young and was told ghost stories about an old abandoned house nearby.
When there, make sure to find the darkest room within the abandoned house. Lock yourself in there and stay completely silent. (This gives you the ability to hear certain things you wouldn’t normally notice.)
Start listening very closely to every noise made throughout the house.
Make a story in your head on what could be lurking throughout the old rickety house.
After your heart starts racing, quickly force yourself to get out of the house immediately. (This will give you the feeling that you are being followed)
When back at your house turn on a movie that contains your biggest fear. Watch it alone. Watch it at night.
When in bed, you will have the sensation you are no longer alone. Covering your ears with a blanket you think will prevent anything from whispering in your ear.
When drifting off to sleep the collaborations of that day will appear in your dreams, thus creating the perfect nightmare.

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