The Terribly Tempting Nature of Tacos

April 6, 2017
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Slathered in a creamy, curry-paste, concoction
With strips of chicken and steak
The cheesy gordita shell acted like a boss
A boss, of which, can be baked

Cheese can be applied as well
Mozzarella, muenster, or cheddar
But only if you sprinkle it well
To make the flavor betta’

Oh! Don’t forget about the tomatoes!
Or the lettuce chunks…
Without those, everything would taste like potatoes

I love them
I adore the greasiness of the compiled variations
The levels of the different food hems

The rainbow of the yellow-ish hued tortilla
The vortex of scrumptious, grill-stamped chicken
And the diablo sauce that just makes you go, “ See ya!”

I’ll always be up for chomping my fangs into this meal
I’s no big deal.
You want to know why this isn’t considered whacko?
It’s’s just a taco.

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