April 6, 2017
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I do not love you.
I am not your beloved,
or your girlfriend,
or your babe.
I am a friend, and a friend only.

I do not love you.
I am free,
and I am lonely.
I have no desire to attachment,
yet I long for normalcy.

I do not love you.
I am incapable,
do not harbor the feelings
of romance and infatuation.

I do not love you.
I care for you,
but I am not in love.
I am not broken,
merely different.

I am not broken, yet
compelled to explain myself.
to give excuses
to say “I’m sorry,”
to say “please forgive me.
Please forgive my nature;
my character;
my brain chemistry.”

I am not broken,
but I feel the bones snapping
as I crack my knuckles
in anticipation.

I am not broken,
but, “I can not love you,
not in the way
you would like me to.”

I do not love you;
can not love you.
I am not broken,
I will not be sorry.

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