For Pete

April 6, 2017
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It's not often I see my dad cry
It takes me back to the feeling of being just a little

That's where I was when you died yesterday
Don't worry though, I held him


It's funny, you see, because you and I
    never met
But it feels as though we did from all the stories I've heard
How you and dad met in London by
    pure coincidence
How you could befriend anyone
    instantly, like magic


Dad told a lot of stories about you
Ones I hadn't even heard
And a song came on by Iron&Wine that
    dad said you used to sing
It felt like maybe you were listening
I hope so


And I hope you're listening now
    because I want to thank you
For giving me my dad
He says he wouldn't have been who he is
    without you
And I think that's true because
    people are made of a million small
You we're one of dad's events
The source of some of his inner joy
    and his best stories


So even though we never met and
    now we never will
I owe you a lot
    But the best I can do is write
and say: "This one is for you."

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