Legally Kidnapped

April 6, 2017
By BWhoUR GOLD, Leander, Texas
BWhoUR GOLD, Leander, Texas
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Do you know the difference between

a truth


a lie?

If I told you this table was purple,

is that

the truth

or a lie?

Has anyone ever touched you

in a way you didn't like?

Do you think

your parents


The caved in roof on the unused bedroom

doesn't mean they're bad parents

it means they don't have enough many to be good ones!

And if there is exposed electrical wiring

it doesn't mean that your family home was built


by your grandfather,

it means that they don't have enough money for food.

For you.

It doesn't matter that you're six months from being



It doesn't matter that you

feed yourself,

you pay your bills

and you work

and you work

and you go to school

and you just come home to try to sleep.

To find some peace.

It doesn't matter that you just worked from six in the morning to close.

And you buy your own clothes

And try to keep clean, your nose

They have to keep you on your toes.

Because a closed case

is money in the bank.

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