I'm Afraid

April 5, 2017
By Anonymous

I'm afraid of me. Of my mind. Of the thoughts that linger in the darkest corners of my consciousness.
The dark feelings creep out and kidnap the happiness from the day. They can't stand it.
I'm afraid of happiness. It's too light. Too freeing. It carries so much hope for something better.
The dark feelings hate it too. Their white skinned claws reach out from under the bed and tear it from my body.
The golden light leaves without a trace. The hollow feeling returns. I stay alert, the buzzing white light vigilant overhead. Maybe they'll stay away now.
I can hear them now. They hide in the shadows, whispering. They're coming. I look ahead and see the shimmering light of hope once more.
I want to run forward, towards the warmth. But they stop me. The pale bones of hands wrap themselves around my arms. It's cold. Uphead happiness waits.
I fall back, towards the cold. It's safer to stay with the dead. I know its love the best.
I'm afraid of me. I'm afraid to be happy.

The author's comments:

It's scary to be happy, but we need to learn to lose the fear and accept that everything will be okay in the end. 

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