worst thing about high school

April 5, 2017
By Barnettjm116 BRONZE, Harrisonville, Missouri
Barnettjm116 BRONZE, Harrisonville, Missouri
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The worst thing about high school
The worst thing about high school is hallway chicken
When you and one other person are walking opposite directions in the hallway
First you consider saying hi from a distance and hoping they hear you
Then you realize the other person might not here you
So you wait
Their twenty-five feet away is now the time. No
Twenty feet now? No
Ten feet now has to be the time but something in you still says no
five feet about to pass and they get a text and are looking down
You pass now and here a quite hi from the other person and they are nearly past you
The wave of nervousness has passed
But still you lost
This is the worst thing about high school

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