The School System At Its Finest

April 5, 2017
By , Harrisonville, MO

Man it’s such a freakin shame
That all the good kids
Have to go through so much freakin pain
It’s like the weight of the world on their shoulders
But there still expected to move boulders
Do this do that give them a freakin chance
But all this work will help them enhance
That’s what they always say
They say we’re the one with excuses
But they come up with one every freakin day
When their wrong they don’t have much to say
That’s cause they realized you were freakin right
And there to tired to try to win this fight
But that’s the thing though
They don’t do it it’s not their fault
If we don’t do it it’s like we’re locked up in a vault
Everyone keeps yelling halt
Here do this
But don’t even care if you’re clueless
Here do that
You could be having a freaking heart attack
No excuses
Just do it
Try to push through it
But they can’t even do it
They’re trying to get you ready
Ready for what?
Half of them are going to be tramps
But no intelligence isn’t how smart you are
They don’t care if you can drive a car
They just want you to take their orders
And memorize the borders

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