April 5, 2017
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You're different than anything else
When life was hard you were there
Every Time something was difficult you were there
When you first showed up in my house i knew you were going to be a part of me forever
I made some of the best relationships because of you
I got closer with my grandmother when we were apart.
She used to come over every day around noon just to talk to me about you
When you were there she would come see you all the time
Because of you we were so close, and for that i love you
Everyone in my family loves you, because of how you are

When we met it was sudden and scary i couldn't speak
All i wanted to do was take your embrace
You will never know how i felt when you were there and when you weren't 
Feeling you on my lips kept me grounded and made me want to melt
When my mouth is on you a savor every second, and when its not thats all i think about
Your touch, your taste, everything about you, your smell, the way i feel when i hold you,
I crave you because of how you make me feel

I can't believe we haven't spoke in so long it hurts me to think about
I long for the taste for the taste of you on my lips for the feel of you on my hands
I've never wanted something so bad it takes some time and some money to get you here but you're so worth it
You've kept me fed when i'm hungry you truly do everything for me
Just the sight of you makes me happy. It makes me feel better than anything else ever could
I know i'll see you soon no matter what anyone else thinks you'll be with me
You are my passion you are what keeps me alive
You have so much influence on what i do and on how i look
You're the reason i get fat or skinny you're the world to me

You're different than anything else
And for that i love you
I love you more than you will ever know
Thank you kraft mac n cheese for all these things
Your cheesy noodly goodness makes me the happiest guy in the world

I know that was kind of cheesy but i sure do love my mac n cheese

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