It's Not Enough

April 5, 2017
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The things I’m feeling, I’m reeling, life is feeling me cards I can’t use i refuse to lose this game I’ve strived for and lied for and tried so f***ing hard for.

Don’t you care that i can’t bear the judging stares that unfairly try to tear me?

Can’t you see I can’t breathe and I’m drowning in a society that doesn’t care about me?

I’m trying and denying that I’m dying but it’s real I feel it I can’t steal love but I can cry and so I do.

You don’t see how bad it gets, you ignore the threats and make your bets on my honesty, but honestly i’m telling you that turning a blind eye and shrugging your shoulders with a sigh, IT’S NOT ENOUGH. You have to stand up and stop it before you’re swapping secrets with a ghost instead of the one who thought you would stop them or at least have caught them when they fell.

So I’m swallowing my pride and saying that I tried to do this life right, but life is full of strife and strife has a price. That price is me having to share the reality that I lived by giving all I have to give. I got through it and knew that it was few that had the opportunities to do what I did. So I’m telling you to help them, your friends, no matter what you have to lend. Be it an ear or the sharing of tears or defending them from your peers, or else I fear their wonderful futures will disappear.

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