Who I Became After You

April 4, 2017

you are wind.


forming tornadoes that whirl around faster than I can keep up


as i allow it to sweep up my emotions, leaving it to spiral up into the air


blood rapidly rushing through my veins, pumping into my fragile heart.


and i become awfully delicate

and so weightless that even a minor gust of wind sweeps me off my feet



it is all too much.


but then things begin to change.


the sun shines out and the winds gradually die of exhaustion


your calm breeze begins to sway my soul as I stand motionless in the eye of it all


things are starting to feel okay again


and I become serene;

in peace with myself


but then the heart of the storm comes.


a cluster of dark clouds hover over me, creating shadows of only what is left of me


the wind picks up and the tornado encircles my body, grasping and dragging me along


and then leaving me to crash back down onto the hard, cold pavement 


and I become damaged

every bend, every crease, every fold, every tear
you left indented on me formed scars no other storm could.


I ask myself if it was worth it, worth putting myself through so much pain just because I was afraid of losing you, afraid of being alone again, afraid of being unsure of the future.


but following the midst of it all, I became stronger.
now capable of facing any natural disaster coming my way


and that made the journey worth it.

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