People Say

April 4, 2017
By , wilmington, MA

People say camping is boring.
They say it’s dirty and secluded.
You have to sleep in a tent on the ground,
With bumps, sticks, and rocks.

People say the river is disgusting.
It has dirt and weeds on the bottom
And creatures swimming under you.
They say it’s cold and dark
And you can only eat what can be cooked on fire.

People say there are bears and bugs.
You can get attacked and bit.
They say you have to watch out.
It’s dangerous in the forest.

People say a lot.
People say they are telling the truth.
People say they know what’s real.
People say what they think.
What they and only they believe.

Camping is eye-opening.
The views are breathtaking and you feel alive.
You are connected to the earth,
And for once you can push technology aside
And feel the soft grass between your toes.

The river is crystal clear and when the sun shines,
Its prettier than anything you’ve ever seen.
There’s a whole other world living in the depths

There’s otters, ducks, and fish.
The sun warms you as you lay on the riverbank.
At night, that’s the best part.
Delicacies of lobster, steak, and marshmallows
are all cooked on the kaleidoscopic fire.

If you’re lucky, you may see a bear in a field
or a graceful butterfly fluttering in the air.
You have to watch closely if you want to spot a deer.
In the forest, you can be anything you want
You can let your imagination run wild
And enjoy the beauty of the natural world.

I miss the serenity of nature.
I miss the days spent with family around the campfire.
I say that people say camping isn’t fun
Only because they have never given it a try.
I say that nature deserves a second chance.
I say nature is loved by everyone
and for people who claim otherwise,
I say open your eyes.
I say open your mind.
I say people have to say for themselves.

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