April 4, 2017

Depression it the feeling of sadness or loss of interest
I have depression
Depression controls my life
I have had depression….
For longer than I can remember
It started when I was old enough to know my dad died; he died in a car accident.
I was only a baby when he died
I feel sometimes like no one around me cares
There have been times when I have actually thought about suicide….
But I know there are some people out there who still care
People who would miss me.
I have begun counseling for my depression
I can get depressed over the smallest things
Getting yelled at, not going somewhere.
That’s all it takes
Depression is difficult
It really is
Depression makes you feel empty
It makes you think horrid thoughts
Depression is a demon that I can not escape
I will always live with depression
Depression, in some strange way
Has become my best friend
My family says that I always look like there is something wrong with me
I tell them there is nothing wrong
When really they can see right through my lies
I have always put on a smile
Even though I feel empty on the inside

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