April 4, 2017

Being bullied is the feeling of sadness
I know how it feels to be bullied
When I was little, a girl pushed me out of my bus seat so I gave her a black eye and a bloody nose.
When I was in middle school….
I was made fun of because I smelled bad
What the other kids did not know is that I had no home
I was sleeping in hotel after hotel.
In middle school again I was bullied by a group of girls for liking a boy that was older than me.
I get made fun of in high school because I wear glasses
I am nearsighted so I need them to see.
Being taunted is not fun
Cruel words can hurt your feelings
Being the punch line can lead to suicide
Bullying has made me feel like I don’t belong
It can make you feel like no one cares enough to say anything
I had friends that stuck up for me when I was being bullied.
Words can hurt people more than you know
I know they have hurt me.

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