April 4, 2017
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Confidence, Confidence is the most essential thing for success in this life
And yet so few have it
Those who do have it enjoy it and try to share it with others
And yet those who don’t have it refuse it
When you have confidence you can do anything you put your mind to
And yet when you don’t have it you will never succeed 
Most people don’t know what confidence is
But if we are being honest it can be many different things


It can be good
But it can also be bad
It can be helpful
But it can also be hurtful
It can be honest
But it can also be deceiving


Deceit, deceit is one of those things that follows behind confidence like a dog wanting to be played with
It isn’t until later that you realize that deceit is a skunk just waiting to spray tragedy and despair over everything you love 
It’s like a friend who you thought you could trust but turns around and breaks that bond
Leaving you to wallow in the nothingness of despair


Despair, despair means to lose all hope
That is what had happened, I had lost all hope and never saw any chance of regaining it
My mind had tricked me into thinking that there was nothing in this life that could restore it
Then I remembered, I remembered a verse I had learned as a child
Romans 12:12 be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer
Affliction was what I had and patience what I lacked but faith is something I can rely on
Through that faith I found my hope and through that hope my confidence.
So as I stand here today I can boldly state that by faith through prayer my confidence has been restored.

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