Pink Cows

April 4, 2017
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I was sort of weird when I was little.
I had strange ideas on how I thought the world worked,

Most of which were quite wrong.
I thought that chocolate milk came from brown cows,
And white milk came white cows.
Those made a fair bit of sense to my young mind.
But what really confused me was strawberry milk.
I had never seen a pink cow before.
There’s no such thing as a pink cow, it’s simply not possible.
I assumed the farmers dyed the fur of the cows pink and that
Would somehow make the milk taste like strawberries.
Or maybe they fed the cows lots of strawberries, and
That’s what gave the milk its fruity taste and pink hue.
It honestly puzzled my how this
Like I said, I was a weird kid.
I’m still somewhat odd, though.
At 18 years old, one might think I would have outgrown
This somewhat childish behavior.
Obviously I haven’t, but at least now I understand how
Strawberry milk is made.

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