April 4, 2017
By TiffanyRenee BRONZE, Harrisonville, Missouri
TiffanyRenee BRONZE, Harrisonville, Missouri
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Cow. Fat. Annoying. Ugly. Worthless
Words echo down the hall along with their laughter.
She keeps her head down,
just so they don’t see the damage they’ve done.
She gazes into the mirror.
She isn’t enough
Cow. Fat. Annoying. Ugly. Worthless
She works harder to be better.
Her hair is perfect, not a hair out of place.
She paints a smile on her lips to hide the hurt.
She squeezes into jeans that dig into her skin.
It’s still not enough.
Cow. Fat. Annoying. Ugly. Worthless
Now she is “forgetting” to eat.
“I’m not hungry,” She lies.
After a meal she ends up kneeling in the bathroom,
just trying to keep off the weight.
The numbers on the scale countdown.
Their words still echo in her head.
If only she knew she was enough.

The author's comments:

Sometimes what people say, even if it's only a joke, leaves emotional scars.  I hope this gives people an insight to the mind of a girl who has experianced this hurt. 

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