Colors of the Heart

April 4, 2017

It beats with love and concern
Push it there and it will be a point of no return
Red ; How deep is his heart?
I wish I could restart his feelings and make him a sweetheart

So blue for depression, in that particular expression he makes me
Choice of bad words towards me so carefree
Then it dawned on me… It's pure jealousy
Spare me the controversy, just show some empathy

Colors of the rainbow won’t shine through his eyes nor heart
Says that I’m making him feel uncomfortable…
That hurts and I haven’t even made him like my art

Yet… Just yet…

Heart broken is the way I feel
But what's the point over the feeling if you didn’t know him?
Feel stupid now but smart, wishing…
Wishing if I could just make him a sweetheart…

No, instead I sit here tripping, sitting, and aching… 

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