April 4, 2017
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   The leaves begin to change and the air becomes clearer,
We become high on the sweet scent of Fall as it draws nearer,
   I lay in the grass and watch leaves flutter to the ground,
Lost winds like unseen ghosts push them around,
   The brisk air swirls my hair into tendrils of drizzling caramel,
Clouds drift across the sky but to where I can’t tell,

   A dark haired boy rests placidly by my idle side,
I turn away from him with a scarlet blush that I can’t hide,
   Pumpkins and hay bails decorate neighbors front lawns,
Halloween beckons us forward to be its brainless pawns,
   Cutesy costumes and candy promise for an eventful night,
Monsters and fiendish ghouls stir up quite a fright,

   Romantic sunset dates in fields of saturated color,
Lying on a plaid blanket wrapped up with my lover,
   Baking sweet treats for my close friends and family,
Hiding amongst the fallen leaves of a barren oak tree,
   Oversized hoodies and hot cocoa in the brisk Fall air,
Children and teens run aimlessly about without a single care,

   His rough hand snags mine and we shift into silence,
Trees loom above us as though they are rustling giants,
   Hand in hand walking down along a winding trail,
On the high winds our flamboyant Autumn spirits sail,
   Leaves that crunch beneath our heavy booted feet,
Along the riverbed of a crystalline silently gurgling creek,

   Jumping across the moss ridden gray and green rocks,
Water splashes up and soaks my already sodden socks,
   Sappy tearful goodbyes and happy reunions of friends,
We hope against hope that this season called Fall never ends,
   Calm quiet nights reading an old leather-bound book outside,
Fun filled evenings of snacks and family game night inside,

   The dark haired boy whispers sweet nothings to the stars,
The look in his eyes seemingly lost in the wild and bizarre,
   Caramel apples and a slice of homemade pumpkin pie,
Lulled to sleep by the winds sad soulful lullaby,
   Hot apple cider in a cracked leaf patterned mug,
Warm and filling it’s reminiscent of a long forgotten hug,
   Snug flannel pjs a fleece blanket and some hot honey tea,
A cozy and relaxing Fall to come for my hubby and me.

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