April 4, 2017
By Rozene BRONZE, Harrisonville, Missouri
Rozene BRONZE, Harrisonville, Missouri
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The moon had a warm glow.
I sat there in awe at its beauty.
This, is the night we have all been waiting for.
I felt beams of the light dancing across my skin.
It fired the magic within me.
It jittered, powerful, ready to burst out.
It fights against its cage, burning in my core.

My fingers begin to tingle and glitter.
The magic pulled its way through my veins.
Our mother moon called our power,
And we answered her message.
The beams blessed us with her light.
While our magic pierced the sky.
We quivered at our bodies’ strength depleting.

It burst.
The moons light was now burning bright
We heed our mothers call.
Bowing our bodies to her and thanking her for her gift.
Praise Elune,we heeded her call,
We accepted her light.

The author's comments:

This poem is from my favorite video game, world of warcraft. I personally play a night elf and they believe in a goddess, Elune. She is like goddess of the moon and they warship her. I want people to better understand the night elves point of view when it comes to the light and their goddess.

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