April 4, 2017
By , Harrisonville, MO

Are people looking at you?
Are they laughing and talking behind your back?
Who knows that’s what you think at least
Do they actually truly hate you?
You’ll never know

The thing in your head
Whether you’re happy or sad is always there
Whether you’re calm or enraged it’s always there
Whether you can see it or feel it it’s always there
Whether you want it to go away or not it won’t
It’s always

Spinning around your head making you dizzy wanting to fall
Wanting to bash your head into something to make it stop
No one knows it’s happening unless you tell them all
No one can really help unless they experienced it themselves

Is the disease that no one sees
Running through my head 50 miles an hour while I look calm
Looking at most things completely wrong
Not seeing the true things as they really are
Seeing paper cuts as scars
Make it seem like you’re making a big deal over nothing
But you don’t know if you really are or not cause your brain tricks you all the time

When people think of anxiety they just think that you get nervous
When they think of an anxiety attack it’s just sorta hard to breath
But the reality of it is that your head is spinning
People are too much to handle sometimes
You shake and cry and don’t know how to stop
You fall apart and they expect you to get right back up

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