Have You Ever

April 4, 2017
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Have you ever been tempted to just walk up to someone you’ve known for so many years,
Your best friend even,
& tell them that you love them so much more than they think you do?

    Have you ever confessed your long-held feelings to that one person you care about the most,
And have them reject you,
your feelings were never returned,
& suddenly your sky is no longer blue...

    Have you ever laid in bed at night for hours & wondered why you’re not anywhere near good enough for them,
Why you have the feelings & they don’t,
wondering if maybe what they said after your confession isn’t really true...

    Have you ever felt broken because the person closest to you suddenly pulls away after you poured out your heart,
They no longer talk to you for fear of hurting you,
when them leaving you alone hurts worse than that,
if only they knew…

    Have you ever wanted so badly for that person to suddenly come running back into your life & tell you they really do love you back,
Yet you know they never will come running back to you,
because dreams never will actually come true,
at least not for people like me & you…

    Have you ever harmed or hurt yourself in some shape or form in that person’s name just to feel some sort of wicked & twisted justice,
Because if so,
then you’re not alone my dearest little listener because there are plenty of us out there,
who have been that way and done that too…

    Have you ever felt so emotionally drained and exhausted because of this person you’ve fallen for that you just want to fall asleep and not wake up,
Do you want to take those pills or jump off that bridge,
maybe slice yours arms up to see your own blood stain,
do you want to,
at least for a few seconds,
feel like you flew…

    Have you ever just sat there feeling like you’re no longer you but just some husk of your former self because of this one crushing heartbreak,
Because of this one person and them neglecting you,
You’re no longer yourself and you never will be again,
they don’t know what they’ve done,
and they probably never will,
And your heart will forever be broken in two.

   Have you ever wished yourself dead for this,
If so then please listen to me,
it’s not worth it to hurt yourself or constantly force yourself to feel pain because of one person.
Don’t open fresh wounds if you see them down the street,
or with another person on their arm,
you’ll hold on won’t you…

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