Personal Loss

April 4, 2017
By Anonymous

The pain
Like thousand of knifes
Shredding your insides

Days of despair
leaves your eyes red and swollen
The weight on your chest
Like being crushed by a car

You can’t run from this
No matter how hard you try
It’ll always be there

You’ll have your good days
You’ll pretend nothing happened
But in a split second
Something sparks a reminder
About the person you were once so close with

You can't control the way this hurts you
Nothing will ever make it better
A piece of you will always be missing
Shattered into a billion pieces

I’ve always been told
You don’t know what you have
until you lose it.

I never believed it before,
but when your world comes crashing down
that little saying that you hear everywhere
and are so used to that it doesn’t seem real,
Finally comes into reality

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