April 4, 2017
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We’ve known each other for basically my whole life
But we have slowly drifted apart
You are so kind to some people
But I haven’t experienced that for a long time
My expectations are high for you
My parents expect so much from you
But alas…. You are a disappointment
All I want is the best for you but you never get any better
I remember one time Freshman year
I stayed up all night devising a plan to help you
I thought I could make you better but there you are
Lower than ever
There was a time in my life when you were #1
You were on the top of the world
Then life kicked in
I started ignoring you more and more
Sports were more important
Clubs were more important
Friends were more important
Eventually you hit rock bottom
I couldn’t do anything to help you
My parents sent us to counseling to try to make you better
Even that didn’t work
I’m starting to give up

The story of my “friend” could be interpreted in many ways
Some may see it as a personal experience between a friend and I
Some may see it as a fictional story
Take it as you want but this is 100% a story about grades
It may sound depressing but yes that’s how it is supposed to sound
Because my grades are depressing 

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