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April 4, 2017
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I am not my sexuality
I am just like everyone else
Just because I was born attracted to men doesn’t make me just gay
It makes me different just like everyone else
Everyone is different
No one is the same
So why am I separated from everyone else by my sexuality
My sexuality is not me
I do not separate myself
Everyone separates me
I have never told anyone to treat me different from anyone else
We were not put on this world to make everyone else happy
We are here to make ourselves happy
No matter what it takes
My life is about taking care of myself and making myself happy
I live to please no one
I live for myself
I am not my sexuality
I was not born gay. I was born me.
I was born to love
Also to spread the love
My mother has always told me to forget everyone else
She knows me better than anyone else in the world
Sometimes she knows me better that I know myself
She has taught me to be strong and to be myself
I will not give up until I am who I want to be
Who I really am
I am Trenton
There are things that I stand for
Such as I believe that we are all equal
Why can’t everyone see that I am no different from anyone else?
I am not a minority; I am special
We as a society should come together and love our differences
Will that day ever come? Maybe
I will no longer stand by and let people separate me because of my sexuality
I am not my sexuality
I know that I need to move on from here
I know that I need to be myself
It is time for me to show my true self to the world
I am tired of waiting
No more being judged for my sexuality

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