Darker Shade

April 4, 2017

You, darkest shade of all, are the object of my praise
but also my jealousy
For you  do not change under pressure like I do
But instead remain the same inky void
You are unlike all, and yet still stand out tall
Except when you are joined
For you, black, go with anything
And can match whatever you want
The way I wish I could.

I first admired your adaptability
When I saw you hanging amongst colors
Of the brightest shade
And yet there you were, in their midst
Blending in perfectly while remaining yourself.

The one I chose was you
Not for your witty words
But for your depth
They thought I wanted you to help me hide
For you blend into yourself and allow the wearer to do the same.

But, no, I envied what you had
To be yourself amongst all
And be able to match with any you choose
While still standing out amongst even the brightest, most vivid, and outgoing colors
Like a penguin standing stoically in a room
Bursting with dancing peacocks.

However, for all that you are, you are still not considered a color
But as nothing more than a shade to some
And yet still people say you are their favorite
Because you enable them to do what they must
Whether that is hiding from their fears
Or feel as if they belong
And everything in-between.

For you, black, are a mixture of every color, and always fit in, the way I wish I could.

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