Left or Right

April 3, 2017
By Yalisa BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
Yalisa BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
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In the world today you are only ever given two options with most choices in life. Republican or Democrat, broke or rich, College or McDonald’s. Society wants us to choose between two pathways rather than for us to create our own. They say life is what you make of it. But is it really? Or is it just what I make out of what is given to me. It is like giving a child cake batter and cookie dough and brainwashing them into believing that there are a limitless amount of options to what they can do when there are not. Society does not educate people who are poor and believe the only way to further their education is by being wealthy or receiving a scholarship. We are all a part of society, so we are all to blame. The feeling of being trapped takes over and makes you feel small in such a radiant world. We are not privileged, so we have made some mistakes and we are not taught the value of a piece of paper called a diploma or the value of the score on our SAT’s. We are only taught that there is right and wrong, and bright or ignorant. Which path should we take? Left or Right?

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