American Dream

April 3, 2017
By , Kannapolis, NC

 A dream worth dreaming, is that, one can feel – A dream worth feeling, is one, I’d dream.
Sway, on the string of fate; Play, in those life lusted fields. Stay, in a place of Dreams.
I will be me, I will live as me, you will live as you; see, fey of life spark, live!
Swathe in color of the spangle banner, spin around me—My American dream.

My dream, is that where I fly as a freed bird; Wings of justice, flap, I dream.
Where I’m filled to the brim with unquestionable fervor, I pray this dream, mine.
Achieve what is possible; strive for the impossible; my dream, holds me true.
I will fly in this world; I will fly. Shed a tear, naught, I fly in glory. My dream!

My dream—my, abstract dream, paints a picture on the blank canvas of those around me
Color streams down a river of impeccable love, my threshold of vanity, whispers away.
My dream—we are united, we are one. Color-blind; sex-blind; we’re one, we hold hands.
Oh soft, pretty bird, flap your wings of justice—my dream, our dream, will become a reality.

Dream in color
See in vivid
Splash in fuller
Swim in my dream

My dream, where the children roll in the grass. Innocent, something that isn’t feigned.
Laughter, growth—those important memories, shan’t burn away. Innocence, my dream.
My dream, where a whisper is louder than a myriad of shouts and screams. Young, stand.
My dream—my dream—It will never fade to black. It will rise up, it will shackle the young to innocence.

My dream; open the façade from your eyelids and see!
My dream; sever your anguish, and feel!
My dream; don’t look away, embrace!
My dream; Look at me in the eyes, never deny my voice.
My dream, where the bottle is never whisked from its case
My dream, where a stone is never untouched
My dream, where man is never left to their own devices—never, find the corner.
My dream will help those in need—something that is sought in the dissonance of this impart.

My dream will be heard; it will be the loudest boom heard; my dream, my dream, my American dream,
Shall set those in their chains, free, it shall heal those with scars; it shall liberate those with loose hearts;
It shall never leave those in the cascading darkness; it shall relieve those of their façade, it shall stream
Of color. My myriad of voices, play this dream to its beat; never sway, never falter—Love, unites those.

My dream. 

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