April 3, 2017

our conversations pulled all-nighters, frequently,
your body so close to mine, our skin touched,
but i didn’t want to change that.

our eyes locked onto the spinning, humming fan,
your words and laughter tossed to the ceiling.
and i hoped you would never have to leave.

our fingers touched and my heart rammed against my ribs,
your skin so warm against mine.
yet you never said a word about the sound of my yearning organs.

our words hid our emotions, our desires,
your deception much more eloquent than mine.
but my wide eyes are the window to my soul.

our muscles ached as the sun yawned on the horizon.
your hair a mess and your legs half-asleep.
and i almost grabbed your hand as you opened the door.

our lips brushed and finally met, a warm and welcome greeting,
your confidence finally putting our unshared thoughts to action.
yet as the sun rose higher, i could only sink deeper into you. 

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