Let's Build a House

April 3, 2017
By , Beverly Hills , CA

Let’s build a house
A big home
One of kind
Pure, white, and perfect
Beautiful looking with daisies and roses that line the front porch
Tall and grand with a bell-shaped gate to keep them safe
A big, grassy backyard
Let’s build this house

Let's build this house with a main room
Make this room beautiful, make it grand
Make this room have a crystal chandelier that twinkles in the light
Make this room furnished with the best the world can offer
Leather chairs and polished glasses
Let’s build this house

Let’s build this house with 2 wings
The west wing with “included.”
Handmade mattresses and central heating
Balconies and views
Jet baths and saunas
And let them live amongst each other in their blissful reality
Let us also build another wing
And the east wing
broken doors and windows
dark rooms with no light
Holes in the wall that allow the chilly winds inside
Where people wallow in their own tears
And eat their own to survive
Let's build this house

Let’s build a house where people are chosen like flock
Where they are tricked by the beauty of the living room and trapped in
Where they can either be chosen or send to the east for who they are
Were even the east doesn't want them
Let's build this house

Let’s build this house with a barn
In the backyard with no roof
Planks of wood hammered together with rusty nails
Stalls made with flimsy plywood and barbed-wire
Were the denied go to accept pure sorrow
And to never escape this home because of it
Let’s build this house

Let’s build this house where the “included” prosper
Where they are the ones who thrive
The people who shine brightly
while letting the others wilt away
In the freezing cold
Obtaining any sympathy

Let’s build this house
This house exists

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