The solider

April 3, 2017
As the rain came pouring past,sounds of shots were heard
People running here and there, lonely Sam left behind
He had no integrity, he was known as the coward
As his confidence left him, the war was now behind
Always continuesly saddened, he was losing his mind
Losing faith in mankind

As he have no warning, leaving all hopes away
Until there came a niose, a noise so defined
He looked to the skies, not understanding why
But an eagle flew over, it holding no binds
The eagle flew across, no war came to mind
It changing mankind

The eagle has now passed, but not without leaving effects
Sam felt so moved, he's now redefined
Now not a coward, but now a solider
He charges united, also reliezing to find
Not just confidence, but needs to be kind
And helping mankind

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