Lets Talk

April 3, 2017

I want to talk about happiness
How when I look at you, I feel bliss
How when you smile I smile
How you can make the light
Shine out of the cracks

I want to talk about 2015
How tha became the year of love
How you making me smile
Made it stronger

I want to talk about December 7th
How that cold average day
Became one that I wouldn't forget
How it became our day

I want to talk about our first year as one
How we didn't leave each other's sides
How we weren't Nick and Adreyanna
How we were us
How I could forever love you

I want to talk about how amazing you are
How you make me so happy everyday
How you liked my messy hair
And when I didn't wear makeup
I wanna talk about the crumbly corners we hid in to sneak a kiss
I want to talk about smiles
How they stained our faces

I want to talk about family
How we dreamed of kids and a home
How we could go anywhere without having to think
How no one else mattered, but us
How we could be parents, lovers, and bestfriends
How you could be my husband

How we could name our children
Axel and TygirrLyliee
How we could hear their first words
Momma or Dada
And see them walk

I want to talk about the way
I have learned to be addicted
To the thought of us

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