Where the Road Bends

April 2, 2017
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When I am running around all day,
And there's no worries in my way.
I feel like it could never stop,
But then I hear a pop.

My knees are getting weaker,
My adventures are getting shorter.
My fun life begins to end,
I look ahead and see a bend.

A bend in life I must take,
In order to get real and graduate.
My parents say I need to grow up,
But I just feel like giving up.

Everything starts getting harder,
Because society says I need to get smarter.
My parents say I need to go to college,
In order to be filled with knowledge.

The world begins to fall apart,
So heavy is this feeling in my heart.
Why can't I be at that first bend,
Before my joy and happiness began to end.

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