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April 2, 2017

This is to
keeping fashion
on it’s toes
from their heads
to their soles
keeping the industry
on a roll
and climbing easy
with Air One and Yeezy

This is to
Elon Musk
keeping Spacers
spaced far out
making browsing
for housing
as simple as
Rousing the
old Barska
H-twenty millimeter

This is to
Cultural revivalists
keeping time
on its ankles
Trading nostalgia
for the bank rolls
and trendiness
for likeness to Janus
Bifrons with eyeballs
glazed over with Bifrost

This is to
keeping humanity
one rung higher
The videogame buyers,
The body pillow riders,
and The Tie-Dyed Fighters,
shunning socializers
for overanalyzers
and the beloved action figures

This is to
in the depths of
wooden desks
and social deaths
Who keep words bent
with open vents
Never content
unless they seek
Anything above perfect

This is to
Those Uncorporated
keeping the radar
searching in waves
Leaving it lurking
for life’s new leading
labels likely to lay
laymen with lackluster
self-liabilities and
lame let-downs

This is to
Those Unaffected
by the nagging
of nature’s nuances
Who allow themselves
the talent of freedom
and the skill of ignorance
one such a combo
most would murder over
if possession held uncowardace

This is to
Those Uncalculated
allowing all those
unaltruistic to be cloned
for recultivation
to their country’s
culminated culture
Cut down not to crest
but the apex of
Nadir’s hiccup

This is to
Those Undressed
from the woolen and linen
fabric the wastes and liars
feature ‘top waists and limbs
For they wear all lies
like a coat of arms
Fainting then when all lines
fall when frail facade
fails to Reality’s harm

This is to
Hole People
who have whole
lives lived
defined by that
which they are not
and by that
which have not
Seen for substance surrounding
their contrasted souls

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Lastuckyboy said...
Apr. 6 at 6:52 am
Great writing keep it up..
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