Unidentified Beauty

April 2, 2017
By BellaPeep BRONZE, Gainesville, Florida
BellaPeep BRONZE, Gainesville, Florida
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The feeling of inferiority pulsing through your veins; brushing, blotting trying to make everything okay. With a need to perfect and be reassured of your beauty, others see behind the mask that you portray. Heartbroken and now a hollow shell, you fill yourself with plastic to become even more “attractive”. You tell yourself you will never amount to anything. With confidence gone and heart torn, you look in the mirror and see someone else's reflection. A small voice resonates throughout your body. It tells you that beauty takes place in its truest state. Without love and without care, you have become so unaware. Your beauty is formed within and becomes an outward display for all to see. Be YOU and your beauty will show through. YOU are a masterpiece, absolutely PRICELESS.

The author's comments:

In our society today, a vast majority of young women feel as though they need makeup to feel and look beautiful. They look at themselves in the mirror without it and see a reflection of imperfections instead of what they want to see. We ALL should embrace our imperfections because those are the qualities that make us who we are. Not an image of what others think we should be, but who we were created to be. 

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