The World Around Me

April 2, 2017

Bang! Bang!

Another life lost

Another soul gone

Violence becomes an insatiable monster

Slam! Bam!

Doors closing on the innocent

The weak, the young,

Have we lost our heart?

Our emapthy?

The best thing about us is supposed to be our humanity

Wah! Ahh!

The screams and cries of children

When their lives are torn apart

All because of some papers

A status shouldn't decide the fate of a family

Tap Tap

Th sounds I make when I depict the world around me

The devestation, the pain, and the angst

I wonder will it ever go away

Will it always plauge us?

Then I hear it

Ha Ha Ha

The sounds of children laughing

Oblivious to the cruel reality that surrounds them

Maybe that is a sign

Of what could be and what should be

Perhaps the disease that infects us does have a cure


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