April 2, 2017
By , Gainesville , FL

           Loyalty is like a rare jewel that's hard to seek once you find it keep it. Loyalty is given through, integrity, faith, and admiration. Lost through distrust, contempt, and immorality. Loyalty's strength is depended upon the love for one another.
           No love no loyalty. Loyalty is like a piece of glitter among many grains of sand which can only be found by one who understand what makes it up.  Don’t pick up a grain of sand because you’re tired of looking.
            Loyalty is like a contract you sign saying “I won’t do anything to lose you because I never wanna be without you.” You break the contract you break her heart.
           Loyalty is like a rope that you’re holding to and trusting in. On the other side of it is the person you love, without a doubt, but all they are doing is making it harder for you to hold on. The more they do what hurts, the more you let go to ease the pain. If she lets go of that rope, you fall.
            Loyalty is hard to find and keep.

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