La Muerte

April 2, 2017

She blew the last ember

in the light of those who had so much more.

And suddenly the world became full of blood and gore.

The lost souls who have been preyed cannot stay

As one by one we all fade

And partake in Death’s parade.


The world of the living is Her game

Where we all lose and others are blamed.

For at the end of this lovely pandemoniac road

Will be the place where all mortals are claimed.


What a privilege it will be for some

As we cannot escape was has been done.

Memories flourish our minds when Her presence is near,

But as we become engulfed in Her wrath,

Then those too will all soon disappear.


Pessimism abides this living Inferno

as all optimism has been demolished,

And our world becomes full of lies

Whether or not our life was abolished.

Closer and closer you hear the cries of the dead;

That is Her symphony.


She has no one to fear for there is nothing greater.

She follows no regulations.

She is her own leader.

She is the shadow that lurks behind you day and night

Even when you cannot see Her.

For she is Death and La Muerte has no mercy.

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