Inside the Mind of a Manic

April 1, 2017
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Sometimes the world gets turned around

The sun shines grey

The air presses down

You feel like you'll suffocate

Stranded on an island of disappointment and misery


And you know that these "grey" days

Are all just inside your head

But you can't stop the tears from welling up

In the corners of your eyes

Like traiterous little dams

Cracking away at your emotional armor


There doesn't have to be anything wrong 

For you to want to hold your head and scream


But it's ok

Days like today are just that



They will pass

These feelings will subside

And tomorrow you'll emerge and smile

Something will make you laugh

And yesterday will be a memory

A lingering shadow in your mind


I can't promise these days will go away

Because they won't

But when they come

Drown in something you love


Listen to the rain beating against your window pane

Sink into a favorite mix and let the music pound

Make a cup of scalding hot cocoa and hug that mug


The day will end

And you will feel better at the end of it

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