Slow down

March 31, 2017
By Kiki359 BRONZE, Gainesville , Florida
Kiki359 BRONZE, Gainesville , Florida
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Slow down baby you're moving way too fast.

Slow down baby I don't want you to crash.

You couldn't tell baby girl nothing her mind was made up.

She didn't need anyone to love her she was built to be Ford tough.

She despised her mother for things she was too young to understand.

Why was her daddy not around she
asked her mother. Why couldn't her mother keep a man.

She'd ask her mother in anger.
Why do you serve a God who wants you to come before him so humble and meek?

I'll be different than you when I get 16 I'll get a job and stand on my own two feet.

I got places to go and things to do

Just wait and see I'll be better than you

Slow down baby you're moving too fast Slow down baby I don't want you to crash.

Baby boy was a smooth talker
He could move mountains with his slick ryhmes.

He could pick up any girl with just one or two lines

He lived his life on the edge
Thought that rules were not meant to be kept.

His parents worried all the time
So much that they hardly slept

They tried to tell him
You cant keep running around breaking girls hearts

If you keep acting like this
Your whole life will be torn apart

But he didn't care
He was young and care free living in the world

Their words were in one ear and out
And he was on to the next girl

Slow down baby you're moving too fast
Slow down baby i don't want you to crash

It was the night before her 16th birthday and baby girl was nervous

She was at the club with her friends
When her mom thought she was going to a youth night service

She thought to herself that it was ok to love on the wild side

Her mom would never know
Her secret she'd forever hide

As she was dancing in the corner she met  A guy they called baby boy.
She knew had a bad boy reputation
Treating girls like they were some kind of toy.

Yet she was intrigued when he approached her. She thought I'll give him a chance.

Unlike her mom she knew a thing or two about romance.

He asked her to leave the party
Find a quiet place to go

Its only one night
Her mom would never know

They hurried away quickly in the night.

They were moving so fast that they were bumping people left and right

Slow down baby
You're moving too fast
Slow down baby
I don't want you to crash

It was raining that night.
The roads were slick and wet.

They both knew that tonight was something they'd never forget.

Two teens who were almost complete strangers.

Came together in one night.. united in danger.

He tried to impress her with speed and stare.

She began to nervous thinking maybe this was too much of a dare.

He turn the corners wreckless
He was intoxicated by her fear.

He tuned out her cries to slow down
And in one quick moment He never saw the deer.

The car flipped over
Hydroliched several times through the air
It was too late to go back.

Too late to take back away from the dare.

It was too late to heed their parents advice.
Too late to rewind. Too late to think twice.

Slow down baby
You're moving too fast
Slow down baby
I didnt want you to crash.


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