Scientific beauty

March 31, 2017

Energy is a big part of all life, knowledge, activity, friendship, love, and beauty. Energy is in me, in you and it's in all of us. Energy is in the most beautiful flower and surrounding the most beautiful day, it is in us all we all feel the energy coming from one to another, from a flower to a soul, energy is never broken, it makes the strongest bonds and holds the strongest love like a chain that lasts forever. For love takes much energy but with love energy is shared between two, it gives and takes. Energy is love and friendship as the way it should be, there is no set energy as it moves like the free flowing motion of water down a stream.
  Gently and carefully beautiful like a flower in a valley or a statue that's been slowly covered by nature laying in the forest for centuries to never be found again. Until one day it is uncovered, a source of energy covering the statue in the form of nature is seen and to know the energy was not wasted, but used and reused as a beautiful place for all to see. It is a place for love not worry and it gives energy to all around. Until one day it is forgotten again, to be seen much later. Sometimes energy is more than just how tired you are, or how fast you move, but the most beautiful things some have never seen, one day all the energy will be used only to be remade until we forget again.

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