Sweet Talk

March 30, 2017

You’re stupid enough to believe him?
“Honey, I love you.”
You really think he’s telling the truth?
“Baby, you’re the only one.”
Are you really that naive?
“Sweetie, she’s just a friend”
Those phrases that slip off his lips as though he’s said it a thousand times before.
“You don’t believe me? You think I’m cheating?”
You’re whole world is about to come crashing down and here they come with big I told you so’s.
“Babygirl you’re my everything, please don’t go.”
You know he’s sorry why even bother?
“Princess, please, it will never happen again.”
Yet, you still don’t listen and here we go again, there will always be bitter lies in that sweet talk.
“Honey, I love you.”

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