Days at Disney

March 30, 2017
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As I got off the airplane,
My five-year-old heart was filled with wonder.
I bounced up and down excitedly and I couldn't restrain,
For the anticipation of this moment had been building all summer. 


When I entered the park I was taken aback by the sight.
For the magic surrounded me as I stood on the streets,
And could see all the colors as I looked from the left to the right,
Plus there were characters everywhere that I could not wait to meet.


In the distance Cinderella’s castle stood tall,
And a warm feeling of happiness spread through me.
The castle seemed to beckon and call,
To all the small kids who were squealing with glee.


There were rides all around that all looked like fun,
Some spun like a top while others went up and down.
I put a hand to my eyes to shield them from the blinding sun
As I turned in circles trying to see everything that was around.


I could smell the sweets as they wafted through the air,
I caught the scent of caramel on apples and ice cream on cones,
And bags of pink and blue cotton candy that were perfect to share.
All those heavenly treats I could not wait to own.


And on that day I realized nothing could compare,
Because Disney is the greatest place out there!

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