Paradise Storm

March 30, 2017
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The birds have ceased their singing,
And kids no longer play on the sidewalks. 
The bells on bikes are no longer dinging,
And boats remain at their docks.


The sticky, humid air hangs still,
As if afraid to move.
The sun shines brightly still,
But it wavers, as if about to be removed.


Winds start picking up speed
As they cause the wind chimes to collide.
Suddenly the sun begins to recede,
Ducking quickly behind the clouds, hiding from the weather outside.


The rains come cascading down from the sky,
The big, heavy drops repeatedly hit the ground.
The ocean rises and now nothing is dry,
The waves angrily attack the abused sand.


As quickly as it begun, it stopped.
The rains halted, the sun came out,
The winds relaxed, the waves dropped.
A feeling of peace was spread about.


The air smelled fresh as clothes right out of the dryer.
And the sun bashfully creeps out of its hiding place,
Poking holes in the gray that covered the sky prior.
The storm vanishing without a trace.


The people come back out to play.
Ready to continue with their perfect beach day.

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