Thunderstorms are Therapy

March 30, 2017
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Some people find thunderstorms frightening.
Not me.
I find a certain enjoyment in the show that is happening.


Some people cover their ears as thunder rumbles on.
Not me.
I find peace within the cacophony,
Like the steady beat of a drum that echoes in a song.


Some people shield their eyes from the blinding lightning.
Not me.
I stare at it wide eyed as it angrily lashes out at the ground,
Producing flashes as consistent as those from cameras on picture day.


Some people shut their doors as it starts to pour.
Not me.
I open mine and watch as the drops dance to the ground,
Congregating in the crevices of the road, forming puddles.


So don't blame the weather for your fear and sorrow,
For storms are not meant to keep you down.
Thunderstorms are therapy,
Drowning out the world around you.

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