Forever Alone

March 30, 2017
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My heart sliced open by the knife of sadness,

pouring out a black river of dispear,

endlessly pouring from the dark abyss,

all made by broken trust and no love.

Never to be healed by true love's touch,

No longer to feel the pain,

only feeling numbness.

The one I love left me,

replaced me with a new soul,

she smiles with him,

while I lay and cry tears of darkness.

I'm surrounded by others,

trapped in a carnival of souls,

they watch as I cry,

I see other smile,

but why can't I?

Why must I endure a broken heart,

the one who lit up my darkness,

left me surrounded by shadows.

I see others in the hall who have a light,

but I a lonely soul,

travel without the enlightment,

must I forever be trapped within the darkness,

forever without a light,

all alone.

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