Oh Right

March 21, 2017
By Anonymous

Everyone wants their freedom.
Oh yes we have the right,
What we can say is up to us,
It’s our right, it’s our right.
Flocks of hatred it’s quite a sight
“So what? It’s my right”.
You’ve got your reasons to fight,
But are they reasons to be right?

Let it go
Let it go
Let it go

Oh right-but it’s your right,
Your excuses you hold on to them so tight.
What is this dissatisfying feeling?
Maybe cause we're still fighting, just an inkling.
Because no matter what you do
It’ll keep coming back to you.

A backstabbing feeling you can't quite explain
Oh right, but they can't see you
Then it’s all fun and games!
Behind a screen you try to reach through
You’re a keyboard master-
Spitting back insults as you start to crumble too.

But you don’t really mean it,
And this fight is tiring,
But you go ahead and continue this fit.

Go on,
No one’s waiting.

The author's comments:

Seeing so much hate and fights go around in public and in social media inspired me to write this poem, since I believe it's gotten worse over the years.

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