The Journey

March 21, 2017

From comfortable cushions I carefully rise to walk
Wearily across the wide wooden plates.
Warmth drops into the depths of my stomach and
The eyes still sag and struggle to remain open.
Cold water forces the face to awaken so
Shoes are slowly slipped onto feet,
Drooping jackets are draped onto layers of warmth, and
Glass has greatly sharpened and cleared the eyesight.
Riches folded and wrinkled rest just on my back, but
Across the outer sea of inky ooze I must now travel
Where horrors reign in hands held on spinning wheels.
I board a boat of safety that carefully avoids the beasts,
Filled with fearful travelers like myself.
Together we traverse the sea of black and
Alone we leave to lead our own adventures, but
My road of darkness deepens further down.
Palaces of power surround my long path of purpose,
Blinding me as I tread through beds of bushes.
Slowly I stretch across the scene until
Finally I find the formidable destination,
Source of my riches and so much more.
A shrieking at its core awakens all still not inside, so
I rush in just as the clock chimes 8:05.

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