Fear Forest

March 21, 2017

Leaves of green and brown shut out any possible glimpse of sunlight
The lack of light swims around you
A heavy fog surrounds your feet as you try to step through the
Lone branches and twigs that fell from trees long ago
Each foot is lifted slowly, hovering carefully, then hesitantly drops

The wind whistles and clears the fog for a moment so
Your feet race quickly towards the opening
But soon all vision is filled once again with
The blurry walls that imprison you within the chilly air

Silence lays over the forest like a blanket muffling all possible sound
Until a single slash tears the quiet quilt and
A deep crunching pierces your hearing
You dare shift your pupils to the corners of your eyes but
Only the fog sits and stares at you
The wind whispers again and the dense mist briefly clears
Tingly sensations in a herd stampede up your spine

Your head twists around and your body soon follows
Still just the walls of fog remain in your view
Your eyelids touch for the slightest second and
As they open, a new shape now stands before the mist
Drops on your forehead begin to trickle down your cheek
Your eyes focus on the dark blobs of color approaching your position
Larger and larger the figure becomes as
Your heart pulses quicker and louder and
Your muscles freeze in invisible ice preventing any escape
Soon the shape seems to mimic yours as it grows in size
Its branches becoming elbows and fingers as they reach towards your face
Your dilated pupils now appear on the other self
The distance between the quadruplets of feet goes to zero until
There is nothing left at all

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